Amazing work. We planned our wedding remotely and met Panpa briefly to get to know each other & have our engagement session. He was extremely professional and took the time to get to know us, what mattered to us, our background and story, how we pictured our wedding, our style, what mattered to us. The work is natural, genuine, and carefully prepared... couldn't have asked for more! Thanks Panpa for helping us to capture the memories of a great celebration & to revive them every time we take a look at your work.

Panpa’s photography speaks for itself. Beautiful, timeless, and story told photos captured more than our memories, but also our emotions for our special day. Considering we had a multi cultural wedding, with English and Spanish languages, and England and Mexican cultures, and traveling from the US (with no time available for any practice) Panpa excelled himself. Really though no practice was needed, Panpa will tell your story and capture your raw emotion throughout the day. Professional, friendly, bilingual, and talented. We recommend Panpa Martinez for any other couples’ special day. Because your wedding is a moment you will want to cherish for the rest of life!

An excellent photographer, not only takes beautiful photos but is also an expert in capturing the essence of each moment, he has the ability to read people and portray them as they are. If you want to save the feelings in the form of a photo of your special day He is the one !! very approachable, friendly, and professional.

Zelene & Christian

- Adriana & Ricard

- Erika & Gustavo


Don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email so we can talk about your special day and your needs to create a one of a kind package for you!! The more information you can tell us about your day, the better it will be for us to provide you with a lot of useful information and custom collections in our initial reply.

Would you like to have a video conference call to talk a little bit more about  what I can offer you

I would like to invite you to visit my website where you can see  I work with couples from other countries.

For me it is very important the light during the couple shooting,

That is why I would like if we could see the timeline  (itinerary) of your event to know at what hour you are considering me (wedding photos)


I would like you to see this web gallery , this is the way I deliver my work, here are all the photos of the event in high resolution and available if you want to share or download and send to your family

I would like to explain you about how I distribute my work

10 % is taking photos of details, the venue montage, the bride accessories and also the groom

20% of our work is to take portrait photographs, in this moment I have the control of the situation and I can give you directions to make you feel comfortable and make you look better

the rest of the time, I mean 70 % is trying to tell a story with  spontaneous elements


Without poses, without looking at the camera, the great moments, those who do not return and those that when they are saved forever will be the most remembered at the end of the event.

For me it is quite useful to meet you in a previous session, maybe  a day before if you can, also in this way you can meet me and see how I work

For me it is quite useful to meet you in a previous session, maybe  a day before if you can, perhaps in this way you can meet me and see how I work

When can we talk about it ? For me is important to know if you are interested

I want to know the structure of your event


maybe we can create a personalized proposal according to your wedding, what do you think?

What are those added values that my work gives you?

I have 16 years of experience as a wedding photographer

We have worked with several foreign couples (international couples)

We have the support of several agencies where opinions guarantee our work


We are currently in the top ten of Fearless Photographers in Mexico

During a wedding we are the supplier who works more time (at wedding day & post-production)

We are who will save the testimony of your wedding for all your life.

We do the event logistics study and review

We respect delivery times

Maintain the same level of quality in all events.

We have a code of conduct and dress

We provide ideas

We propose solutions

We offer support and suggest

We will be ready to change the plans

We resolve disadvantages

Ready for solving problems

We will make portraits of you together, with your family and friends because we know the value of these photographs for you.

We will focus on the details for which you invested so much and are a fundamental part of that great day.

We will be looking to tell the story of what happened on the most important day of your lives


I am passionate about my work , it is not only about taking photos of this great day, we also defend our perceverance and prestige. Each event represent a personal challenge

it is not only about taking photos that great day, we also defend our perseverance and prestige. Each event represents a personal challenge.

We make the photos that we would have liked someone to do at our wedding.

We make an schedule/agenda of your wedding and we review it with all the information you gave us

We respect delivery times and if there is a delay, we notify and say when it will be resolved


The payment plan is open, it must only be cleared one week before the event, we have limited availability, don not let somebody win your date.

Full payment required a week before the event

Are you looking for beatiful photos ?

Moments like this deserve an awesome image

How would you like to remember that great day

Those intimate moments … Ready for the great day? Are you ready for the great day ?

the wait is over ?, the kings of the dance floor


Thanks for your interest, I would like to share the photographic coverage options, although we can also put together a proposal according to what you are looking for.

I sell complete stories, I try not to quote for hours, I prefer that you tell me a little more about how your event will be

Do you already have everything ready for your wedding? Are you looking at last minute? O moment o time


With the passage/pass of time the images make more sense

With the time the pictures are more powefull

With the time, photos become stronger

We consider since the getting ready untill the party

We are experts in weddings

From our lens to the palm of your hand

The amateur make great photos when everything is going right

The professional makes great photos when everything is going wrong

That´s what you´re paying for.

Don’t let them surprise you

You´re in time for the best part of your live

9 of each 10 clients recommend our work

I would love to be at your wedding and contribute with my experience to make the memory of that day memorable.

Get in touch with a wedding specialist

Send me a message, I’ll answer you straight away


The photographer is one of the most important suppliers of your event, invest in quality memories.

The main thing is to have a good communication with him, if there are any surprises, let him know.

You can solve some doubts with him, remember “that” he has experience

Support us with some words from those involved, as well as from someone offering a toast.

To the extent possible, ensure that there is a speaker so the toast it is heard clearly.

Hire a photographer for my wedding

Support us with some words from those involved, as well as from someone offering a toast.

To the extent possible, ensure that there is a speaker so the toast it’is heard clearly.

Assign a person to offer the toast, either your dad or someone who has a special meaning.

Ask the waiter captain or planner that during the waltz and out of respect for the origin of the celebration they give us 3 minutes where no one crosses.

You can also ask the DJ not to project colored lights during the waltz (ONLY DURING THE FIRST WALTZ)

Dry ice (Smoke) is no longer used, you can opt for sparks or bursts of paper.


We are soooo excited to talk with you about your plans and look forward to hearing from you soon!!

I’m available to work abroad, anywhere in the world. If you like my photo style, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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