La Casa del Molino Adriana and Ricard Chichimequillas Queretaro Wedding

La Casa del Molino Adriana and Ricard Chichimequillas Queretaro Wedding

This is one of those love stories that were written in the stars. Adriana and Ricard met on the internet and then, by a twist of fate, in England. As you can imagine, they fell in love and went through the process of understanding the differences between the English and Mexican cultures.

We met in Querétaro last year and we shot some pre-wedding photos in the Regional Museum.

We also discussed and fine-tuned details for their wedding day. They couldn’t have chosen a better venue than La Casa del Molino in Chichimequillas, Querétaro.

The event was coordinated by Fregola Eventos, with the support of the venue’s kind staff. The band, Lixies, created an excelent atmosphere with their avant-garde sounds, and added that little extra with a fresh, fine, tasteful music.

The bride and groom had their first dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. The newlyweds’ siblings gave speeches, all full of emotion and love.

Their words touched the couple to tears, and then some toasts were made. The most important was definitely the one made by the bride’s father, who remembered how similar his daughter’s character is to his own and shared some truly emotional words.

The bride and groom also spoke and it was particularly surprising when Ricard took the mic on the dance floor and thanked all the people who came from far away to this Mexican wedding.

The most moving words from his speech were directly said to Adriana.

He said, “I’ll love you and I’ll do whatever is necessary so that you are happy the rest of your life.” This was undoubtedly the number one highlight of the evening.

The bride and groom offered a great wedding feast and a candy bar they designed themselves, as well as drinks.

At the end, there was a typical mariachi band. I hope you enjoy these images that show how fond Javier and I are of them since we met. Thank you again for your kind care.

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