San Luis Potosí Wedding Photographer

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San Luis Potosí Wedding Photographer

When you love each other’s hearts, there isn’t anything that can get in your way of a lifetime of happiness! For Erika and Gustavo, this is especially true. This sweet couple tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony this autumn. Erika and Gustavo were so excited to incorporate a “Fairy-tale” theme into their Hilton Wedding, and their entire day was full of love, joy, and endless happiness.

Hearts Full of Love

When these two lovebirds first met, Gustavo’s first thought was, “What is her name?”. Erika was attracted to her future husband right away, thinking to herself that he was cute. Now, as a couple, the sweethearts love being active and traveling. Gustavo likes to play soccer, while Erika prefers to read a book. They love trying sports like tennis, basketball, and running. Besides being active, both enjoy going to the movies, especially if it is Disney related. Together, they have traveled quite a bit, and they plan to travel more in the future. Overall, they simply love each other’s hearts, which is what eventually led them to their beautiful, San Luis Potosí Hilton Wedding ft Martha Ilse Wedding Planner.

San Luis Potosi Hilton Wedding

Erika and Gustavo wed in a beautifully romantic wedding on September 28, 2019. The stunning ceremony at San Luis Potosi Cathedral Church was followed by an equally incredible and super fun reception at Hilton Hotel. They incorporated colors of gold and white, coupled with greenery and white flowers to provide a truly classic feel. The colors, along with the hanging crystals in the ballroom, came together perfectly to create that elegant mix of England and San Luis Potosí Hilton Wedding theme that they were so excited for. The couple made sure to make the day their own by including all kinds of personal touches.

The father of the bride wore personalized cufflinks and pocket watch gifted by the bride engraved “Father of the Bride”.

Erika’s engagement ring is a sapphire blue representing the month of September for the Wedding and the month of Gustavo’s Birthday. It is also a nod to her English culture with a similar style to the Duchess of Cambridge’s ring (Previously Princess Diana).

All of these touching gestures demonstrated the crazy amount of love shared among these two families!

After an amazing wedding celebration full of joyful laughter, happy tears, boundless love, and unabashed dancing, Erika and Gustavo jetted off to their honeymoon in Cancun. Here’s to a life full of bliss and adventure for this loving couple! And they will live happily ever after!

Visita las mejores 15 Locaciones en San Luis para Fotos de Boda

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