Mexico Fearless Awards

What an honor!  Over 10,000 images sent in this international contest, four of mine have been choosed as Fearless Award! 

Thank you so much Fearless Photographers, as always an infinite thank you to Huy Nguyen for his hard work and to all my couples for the trust and the value they give to photography.



“Experienced photographers can make it seem easy because they have learned a lot over the years to overcome the difficulties of a wedding day.”
-Fearless Photographers-

“Taking a good picture one time is easy-but taking good pictures every time, in every condition is exhausting.” -Fearless Photographers-

“After shooting many different genres of photography professionally, I can safely say that wedding photography is the most challenging I’ve done.”
-Fearless Photographers-

“Sure, it’s ‘easy’-if the timeline is padded, the light is bright and even, the weather is perfect, nothing/no one is running late, no external lighting is necessary, and you have clients who only want proof that the day happened.

But what happens when something doesn’t go exactly as planned? Do you want someone who buckles under that pressure, or someone who can get it done and get it done artfully?” -Fearless Photographers-

“The wedding day is 10 to 20 percent of the work. The rest of the days are spent selecting the best images, editing, color correcting, etc. This can take a lot of time depending on the number of images and any special conditions that may need more attention.” -Fearless Photographers-

The wedding day is the easy part. Hours, weeks, and sometimes months of editing, album designing, and putting together deliverables is what a wedding photographer’s job is all about.-Fearless Photographers-

“You only see us working on the wedding day. And if you love working with us on your wedding day, here’s likely why: The day ran smoothly because we knew the venue and your style.

We were prepared with a shot list, our batteries were charged, and gear was ready.

We likely had a meeting/creative shoot beforehand, which makes working together so much easier! Also, how did you find us?

And did you fall in love with out photos? That required hours of marketing and social media, with some web design skills.

It’s also years of us learning how to get those perfect, candid, emotional shots you love!”

Photography is not a beggar’s game. We choose wedding photography because we love to shoot weddings.

Give us anything else and we will still give you exceptional results.

“We’re all different. If you had three different photographers at your wedding they’d tell three different stories with their images.”

“Sometimes clients do show me some photos and ask that I do something similar. In those instances, I’ll talk about how each photo shoot is unique to a client’s personality.

I thank them for showing me what they like and then ask them to trust me-as we’ll get photos that are true to them.”

“No image can be re-created exactly, as the light, equipment, and subjects are all different from the inspirational source.

The more you try to control an image, the less happy you will be with the outcome in that situation. -Fearless Photographers-

Organic cooperation and feedback is much more satisfying-and the work is original.”
“Why would you like an imitation instead of having something created during the moment specially for you?” -Fearless Photographers-

“True life is not always pretty, but that’s what makes it beautiful.

We can appreciate the wonderful moments because we live through those that aren’t perfect”.

The real, unposed moments may be stressful or ‘unpretty’ at the time they happen, but as life goes on, they will be cherished and maybe even fondly remembered. -Fearless Photographers-

“The raw moments we capture offer a glimpse into people’s lives that overly posed, ‘pretty’ photos cannot convey.” -Fearless Photographers-

“Wedding photos have to be real. They are about the love and the people gathered, so they have to capture the reality of each couple, family, and group of friends”.-Fearless Photographers-

“Whatever the location, the people, or the situation, what is pretty at the end of the day is capturing that special day for our clients and making them happy when they look at their photos”.-Fearless Photographers-

“While wedding photography may not stack up as critical against fresh air and clean water, the photographers who responded to our survey pointed out that weddings aren’t about necessity”. -Fearless Photographers-

“Lots of things on a wedding day aren’t a ‘necessity.’ Do your guests really need to eat? Do you really need flowers and centerpieces? Nope.

And you don’t really need photographs of your day-but I can promise you you’ll regret not getting them. Photographs are our legacy. They preserve our memories and history.”

“It’s a luxury, but so is a wedding. You don’t have to throw a wedding-you could just get the paperwork from the state.

But why spend a day with the people who mean the most, dress up, throw an amazing party, and not have anything but your memories to remember it by?”

“If you’re investing in a large gathering to celebrate your marriage, then the time spent with friends and family becomes the dominant reason for the celebration.

“My most cherished photograph from my wedding is a photo of my grandfather and I dancing. Photographs only increase in value with time. Can you say the same about a dress or the flowers?”

While great photos can seem magical, photographers are not miracle workers.

The “magic” that makes exceptional images happen is actually the result of exceptional skills, exhaustive planning, a lot of patience, and knowing how to make the very best of whatever situation arises.

“Every photograph we make has many ingredients to it: time, location, light, etc.

Being deprived of time, especially, makes it extremely difficult to deliver the types of portraits that most brides and grooms would expect.

If you are going to give us less than ten minutes to take your portraits in a church parking lot, there may not be any amount of ‘magic’ we can do to make that stand up to the rest of the work you have seen from us.”

“Sometimes we can make magic, but not always. It’s so important to have a conversation with your photographer before your wedding so that you both know what the expectations are when it’s all over.

The more your know about how your photographer makes photographs, the better the end result will be!”

“Those of us known for our creative portraits can use our vision, some clever lighting, and the odd trick to make stunning portraits in the most unlikely of settings.

On the flip side, clients sometimes hope we can achieve what is impossible.

Many a photographer has been sent a Pinterest board of sunny, beach photos ahead of a winter wedding at a golf club!”

“We can’t make magic, but you can. Relax. Be you. Let yourself laugh, cry, and be fully present.

Allow yourself to feel all the feels. That’s what makes real magic.

The formalities of the day should take a backseat to the magic of authentic moments.”

“You can’t make up a moment that didn’t happen.”

“A lot of things can be Photoshopped: pimples, distractions, and even a tyrannosaurus rex or the Millennium Falcon.

What can’t be Photoshopped is a tearful father who never cries, the clenched handkerchief in a grandmother’s hand, or the look of quiet yet unbridled joy on your mother’s face during the ceremony.

“Some of the most important moments happen once and can’t be repeated, faked, or Photoshopped”. -Fearless Photographers-

Don’t expect a computer program to create a reality that didn’t exist in the first place and don’t allow it mitigate the purity of your memories.”-

“We’re artists, not magicians! If a moment wasn’t there, we can’t make it so”. -Fearless Photographers-

Sometimes what we envision doesn’t actually happen, but that doesn’t mean that the real moment isn’t valuable in its own right.

We can Photoshop some things, sure, but not everything. And isn’t real life more fun, anyway?”

“When we’re delivering hundreds of photos, even a ‘small touch-up’ could take 5 extra minutes.

If that small touch-up needs to be applied to something in multiple photos (let’s say, your cousin’s braces need to be removed from every photo they’re in-and they’re in 100 photos) that’s an extra 8 hours of editing.” -Fearless Photographers-

“Beautiful moments deserve beautiful photographs, we strive for not only beautiful moments but also for a wonderful and unforgettable experience.”
“Since we only take a small number of weddings each season, it allows us time to get to know our couples, ensuring that you get amazing pictures and get to actually enjoying every second of your day”. -Fearless Photographers-

When photographing a wedding, we approach the day like a “fly on the wall” capturing moments and memories for you and your families with out drawing attention to ourselves. -Fearless Photographers-


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