10 types of Wedding Photography

  • Natural Wedding Photography.

It is the one where the photos have already been stipulated since people are looking at the camera directly. You may think that this is something negative and that it is not compatible with what you had thought. But the reality is that you will not get a photographer who sticks to a report posed in its fullness.

The advantage of this type of photography is that you can always combine the benefits of this structured photographic technique with modern, natural and spontaneous trends. Here the photographers try to portray the feelings of greater depth, since it focuses on the soul of the people.

The style is free, clamorous, bright and full of feelings. As each wedding is different, it is a challenge to capture the love, happiness and beauty of this special day.

  • Detail Photography at Weddings.

It is the one that is closest to objects with a smaller size than usual. Obtaining great results will depend on observing and sharpening the photographic eye. It is a very delicate work, since its foundation is in being able to capture emotions and feelings letting everything flow spontaneously without having the need to be posing or creating artificial moments.

It’s about capturing things as they are happening, leaving nothing in the way. It is a matter of knowing how to tell any story in a natural and very simple way, focusing and capturing those specific details that make a wedding something magical that you want to remember forever.

The objective in weddings is always to focus on the essence of that day through images, which apart from being beautiful and original, are capable of transmitting emotion and happiness. For this reason, there are those who consider photography in detail to be a luxury, but they also think that it is worth remembering moments as special as that day.

Some photographers have the theory that it is better to click with people than with the camera itself, and that is exactly what they base their work on. Think that every wedding is a day that is loaded with many significant details, of those moments that must be eternal and that can show your tastes and desires.

  • Cinematic Style Wedding Photography.

A very specialized technique is used in such a way that the wedding moments can be adapted to the cinematographic technique. Here the images are captured naturally and spontaneously, without having to pose. But always keeping in mind the cinematographic point of view.

Although it is considered not a simple style, if it has been given the merit it deserves. The natural touch linked to touch-ups of emotion is always present. The idea is to show the true nature of people, their feelings and emotions, and the most impressive and beautiful moments.

The technological influence is present, through the use of drones to capture aerial photography and video images, resulting in a much more complete report.

  • Artistic Wedding Photography.

In this type of photography, originality and creativity are very remarkable. Here the photographer aims to relate what is happening in a peculiar and very different way. It uses special frames, angles and points of view, good editing and well-crafted photo processing. His mission will be that the moment is ideal, just as you imagined it.

The aim is to fill each photo with art, giving it a documentary approach, trying to narrate through the use of images everything that is happening.

Only then will you be able to enjoy your wedding album as a story full of art, where avant-garde styles are combined and positioning itself as the best option for the couple who want a narrative with creativity, spontaneity, naturalness and originality.

You are guaranteed to get romantic photos loaded with art, natural light is taken care of, being spontaneous all the time, and especially that they feel comfortable, since trust is vital.

  • Romantic Wedding Photography.

It is not a secret for anyone that one of the things that couples most want in their wedding album is romanticism and tenderness. So it is really necessary that there is a feeling between the couple and the photographer, since you must have an attitude that reflects intimacy with your partner and does not simply reflect a photo like any other.

In this type of photography, the source that inspires is the couple. Only the two of them are the true protagonists of the love that exists between them. The best way to capture this in images is for the bride and groom to foster that climate of trust and security.

The photographer will be his accomplice, he will do everything in his power to capture gestures, looks. He must know how to interpret those unique moments and know how to take advantage of them, obviously without noticing his absence.

  • Documentary Wedding Photography.

It is a different type of photography since the photographer is more of a photojournalist, he recounts the events chronologically, always trying to relate every detail that happens and going unnoticed before the couple and the guests. His documentary touch also has a natural and spontaneous touch that surpasses any artificial pose. Its biggest advantage is that it allows you to obtain an original portrait, since you will never find two exactly the same weddings.

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What matters most is that the genuine love that exists between the two can be transmitted. The photographer makes an effort to listen to the bride and groom, with the presence of natural light, combining quality portraits, photojournalism, something fashionable, also capturing the details without leaving aside the affection that must be given to the work.

The couple should think about having a good time and forget about everything, and if an unforeseen event arises that they never lose their smile, because everything that the couple transmits will undoubtedly be reflected on the camera.

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What is more relevant is that the images speak for themselves, that they tell a story, the wedding, that can convey the feelings experienced that day. At each wedding the mission is to document the couple’s history simply and naturally, capturing the best moments without having to resort to artifice. Everything must be with great subtlety and passion.

  • Wedding Photography with Fashion style.

By virtue of the fact that there are fashion photographers who also work in parallel with the field of weddings. Wedding photo albums with that very characteristic editorial touch of a fashion magazine are becoming more and more common.

The way of working is quite close, for this it is necessary to have one or several previous moments with the couple either by means of an appointment in person or by video conference, or in a pre-wedding session. The service provided is fluid and very familiar, avoiding pressure and stress and taking advantage of the beautiful images obtained in the most spontaneous moments.

  • Landscape Wedding Photography.

In this type of photography the landscape predominates. Of course, this does not mean that the couple ceases to be important. But the environment that surrounds the couple is so impressive that it is worth taking it into consideration. Moreover, those professional photographers who carry out their work with passion and that for them is already part of their lives, the very idea of capturing any landscape image is a pleasure for them.

Ideally, the couple can enjoy life. That the images reflect smiles, tears, joys, nostalgic feelings, serenity and fun; and especially if you have an environment around you that cannot be ignored.

  • Photography of Couples at their Wedding.

This kind of photography focuses very specifically on the bride and groom in particular. Here naturally the main characters are the couple. The photographer tries to capture each and every moment that the couple spend during the wedding. The complicity of the couple is key, since they must reflect all their love and affection as spontaneously as possible.

There are plenty of opportunities in which the photographer tries to portray the moments of the couple being together. It may be while they dance together in the middle of the dance floor where the gazes of all the guests are surely on them. The moment when the cake is chopped is usually a classic moment, since it plays an important role in any wedding. Of course, when they are in the company of family and close friends, co-workers, and the photo with the parents of both the bride and the groom is never missing.

  • Wedding Portrait Photography.

Portrait photographs are usually loaded with romance, emotion and originality, and of course, they are essential in any wedding report. It consists of images where the photographer is very close to the couple to portray them from a very close position.

The goal is to easily portray every moment of your wedding, knowing that you can keep it forever. It is important the presence of light and that fun is reflected, and the same can be said of the personality.

As each wedding is unique, it is a key factor that the photographer gets involved as much as possible with the bride and groom, creating an atmosphere of trust so that they feel comfortable.

By doing so, you will be able to empathize more with the couple, generating much more natural images.Hilton San Luis Potosí

Something that is highly valued is the experience that the photographer may have. This goes hand in hand with another important element, such as creativity. It takes a touch of art and originality, the combination of various techniques to achieve innovative results. Without being afraid of trying new things and evolving.

In portraits, photographers seek to capture images loaded with naturalness and that speak for themselves, that are capable of transmitting a message, the history of the couple, reflections, and the simplicity of feelings. In fact, the emotional aspect is something that involves the couple a lot, due to the enviroment comfortable and reliable tooth that is generated.

Much benefit is made of those intimate moments of the couple without the need to bother them, any nook or corner can be useful to capture a good story. The important thing in a portrait is to work with simplicity, being as natural as possible and avoiding artificial posing at all costs, always taking into account the cinematographic touch.

This type of photography conveys a lot of freshness. Photographers have the ability to go through each location capturing everything that happens beautifully and freshly. The moments full of naturalness and spontaneity are exploited a lot, adding those little touches of love and creativity. Movement is sought and static is avoided in those photographs that are quickly carried to the next day.Amsterdam Engagement Session

A portrait photo should have its documentary touch, as the couple will always want to remember what that special day was like. For this reason, you can even use documentary videos full of art. An avant-garde approach is perceived and it is a great alternative for the bride and groom who want a portrait with a touch of creativity, spontaneity, naturalness and originality.

The use of technology is never ruled out, including using drones, slow motion, video invitations, photo booths and bully video. The idea is to innovate and surprise on the wedding day.

The touch of sophistication is never left aside, trying to portray moments that reflect elegance and style. For this, the experience of the photographer plays a relevant role, since he can appeal to experience in various fields, to then select the most elegant and transfer it to the bridal environment.

Hand in hand with sophistication, the natural and conventional style is preserved. The specialty is discovering feelings and emotions with portraits, focusing your attention on those memorable details of your wedding so that later you will not miss them in your wedding album.San Miguel de Allende

Being able to convey something is an important part of portrait photography. In addition, art must be present everywhere. The idea is to capture those images that cannot be lost and that can occur with other perspectives in mind.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to hire a professional wedding photographer, who can immortalize this moment of the vows through his camera, and you’ll be able to see your partner’s expression many years later after saying them.

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