Hotel Hacienda la Venta San Juan del Rio Queretaro Wedding Ivette y Kyle

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    Hacienda La Venta Hotel San Juan del Rio Queretaro Wedding Ivette y Kyle

    Living sentimental moments once and again is always part of weddings because you are wearing your heart on your sleeve, there are lots of emotions, joy, and nervousness as well.

    For a start, the bride and groom want to realize the wedding of their dreams as a couple, begin a new life project, and consolidate on one single event everything that has been planned for such long time; and what best than to organize a wedding with loads of remarkable details.

    Wedding at Hacienda la Venta

    From the great taste in the table centerpieces, to the best DJ Nex Dj`s, to finding the right words for your vows in the Altar de la Troje, in the Hacienda de la Venta Hotel, in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, Mexico; to designing your wedding Missal, to choosing the best florist to decorate the entrance of La Troje.

    You must bear in mind that many relatives who haven’t seen each other in a long time, get to gather together in weddings, and that’s a typical trait of this kind of event in San Juan del Río.

    Since this town has an exceptional location in the center of the country, it makes it easier for couples to invite their extended family who live in cities close to the states of Querétaro and Guanajuato.

    Hotel Hacienda la Venta the Best for you Wedding

    In this particular case, there were people who travelled from as far as Melbourne to be with the bride and groom on their special day.

    It was interesting that the priest asked their closest family to come over and give them their blessing before God at the beginning the ceremony. Ivette wore an incomparably beautiful wedding dress, and Kyle was just her perfect match with an impeccable formal attire.

    That makes me reflect on all the people who work to get the bride to look like a princess, for example, the dressmaker who made the dress, the people in the beauty salon where Ivette had her hair and makeup done.

    An exceptional location Hotel Hacienda la Venta

    It was also so lovely to see the way the bride and groom look at each other and convey special emotions that are only seen at a wedding, during a celebration such as this is where you can find this bundle of emotions and feelings like love, tenderness, gratefulness, respect, support, togetherness, balance.

    I waited for the best time to take photos of them, as a couple, isolated from the rest, trying to show their feelings and not only their attires, to witness this unique moment in the lives of two people who have decided to start a family.

    La Troje Hotel Hacienda la Venta

    Kyle tried to make Ivette feel every moment how much her happiness matters to him and you can see that in the photos.

    Finding the fun side, the one they can’t help showing because feelings, looks, facial expressions rarely lie in this kind of take. A civil ceremony in which the judge makes them aware of the new commitments and rights that come with marriage, and the importance of the roles each one plays in this contract.

    It’s truly significant when these people come from the other side of the world to be with Ivette’s family, with this warmth and hospitality that only Mexicans can provide.

    They were given the wheat, the rings, and we had a ceremony of light in which their mothers gave them a lighted candle symbolizing the foundation of a new family by the union of two people.

    Sandra, from the Hacienda la Venta Hotel, was in charge of the planning and organization, and her work was outstanding because she was always attentive to the needs of the bride and groom, taking care of timing and taking responsibility for any incidents that can always happen at a wedding.

    Our acknowledgement goes to her for a great job. The event was a total success. Ivette and Kyle contacted me through Google, and we talked several times via video call.

    We discussed their needs and I advised them because I already knew the place. This communication between the photographer and the couple is vital to me.

    It helps me get to know them and they can come to understand the way I work, as well as my team. The objective is that they can relax knowing that a professional is in charge and he knows how to capture a lasting memory of their wedding.

    This collection includes our visit to San Miguel de Allende, where we had a photo shoot that completes the coverage of their wedding, without the rush, and having a beautiful place as background.

    San Miguel de Allende is characterized by its typical colors, its architecture, and the warmth of its inhabitants, who always make you feel at home.

    Let’s make time stand still with high-quality images. Keep forever the magical moments of your life because they will never be back and it’s worth honouring them with photos of great value.

    Special thanks to Paulina Soberon Flower Studio MDT Desing, Le Florence Boutique Floral

    Can you imagine showing those wedding photos to your children? When will you live this moment again? Great photos are worth it, aren’t they? Send me an email or whatsapp and I will get back to you immediately.

    Are you visiting or planning to visit Mexico? Consider an intimate ceremony, only you two and a judge, a priest, or a shaman, in a unique place.

    If a ceremony is not what you’re looking for, you could try a photo shoot of your trip instead, and project the pictures on your wedding day.

    We are available to take professional photographs for you on your elopement wedding, or engagement session. Call us know for further information. You won’t regret it.

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