San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato Engagement Session Yvette y Hugo

San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato Engagement Session Yvette y Hugo

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    Why come back to San Miguel de Allende to have their pre-wedding photo shoot? Well, this love story rose to a climax here, because it was at the Rosewood Hotel that Hugo proposed to Yvette. When they told me I really felt emotional and I asked them to do the session in this wonderful magic town in the state of Guanajuato. I must say San Miguel de Allende has undeniable charm: its atmosphere, its colors, the cobblestone streets that give it a provincial flavour, along with wonderful weather, make it a delight to everyone who visit this remarkable place.

    I asked them to let me capture their true love, without poses. I wanted them to feel relaxed so that they gave me the chance to keep forever in these pictures the expressions of love that couples show in this awesome period of their lives together. I witnessed Yvette’s great love for Hugo. When I asked them to closed their eyes so that the photos showed more intensely what they were feeling, she would open hers and gaze at him, quite closely.

    In the end, that’s what portraits of couples are really about: letting them enjoy those moments and get the most genuine images. We walked and talked, and they were kind enough to invite me some Pedos de Monja (literally Nun’s farts, typical Mexican biscuits). They also took me to lunch to a place called Carne Vino Grill Restaurant & Wine Store, next to the Instituto Allende. I highly recommend it. We leave these photos for your consideration, hoping that you take delight in them.

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