What will weddings in Mexico be like in 2022?

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the planning that many people had in the year 2021.

Locating us in Mexico where social celebrations have also been displaced to a state of restrictions, among them weddings, being suspended these ceremonies with dates already scheduled, hundreds of couples had to postpone this important holiday in their relationship.


But when they noticed that this situation was becoming more and more extended, they had to look for alternatives that fit in with biosecurity protocols to carry out this important moment in their lives, without further delays.



Surveys conducted in Mexico indicate that more than 400 bride and groom gave results that more than 97% had to postpone their wedding to the end of this year and for the next 2021.

As a consequence of the pandemic that is going on, certain trends are going to come with more boom and will impose themselves in the world of weddings for the next year 2021 or for the rest of the 2020, such as outdoor weddings.

One of the facts that are already scientifically proven is that the virus spreads less in open spaces, which is why many wedding and event planners, as well as the bride and groom, are choosing to hold their weddings in this style.

This way, guests will feel more comfortable and safe, where social distance can be kept, which will be a constant from now on in all social events that take place.

Another trend or style of weddings that are going to be handled from these moments will be the intimate weddings, before the limitations in the capacity of guests.

it is going to be very complicated that we can see in the next months weddings with more than 400 or 500 guests, for that reason the intimate weddings will become one of the best options to celebrate the union of two people.

Bodas Covid 19

When you have one of these, those guests are excluded because they are engaged, those people who are part of your daily life but not your closest circle of friends.

Besides, the details will be more specific regarding decoration and catering, so they will have your budget to invest in their wedding night, to create unforgettable memories.

Elopement weddings are also a trend in these times of pandemic, this type of wedding is handled under a concept where the bride and groom get married and elope to celebrate the moments just the two of them.

The advantages of this type is that the details will be of quality, they will be less invited and the intimacy of the celebration will turn the moment into something unique.


Wedding celebrations specifically in Mexico will be carried out under various protocols to ensure that the events meet all the measures and recommendations set by the health authorities, and are performed with the utmost security for their guests and the protagonists of the event, it is special weddings.

Among the measures of both banquet companies and suppliers of all kinds include the training and equipment of its staff, as well as the decorative theme and arrangements of the wedding reception of measures to demonstrate that weddings can be healthy and emotional.

In this “new normality” it will be usual to see mouth guards, sanitary filters, sanitizing mats and hydroalcoholic gel stations for the disinfection of shoes and hands.
The “new normality” has been well received by brides and grooms who accept the new guidelines, this data is according to surveys made among 430 couples in Mexico whose marriages were affected by the pandemic.

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