Wedding Photojournalism: 23 moments

 Wedding photographs are always emotional and reflect the moments when the bride and groom are made happy for a whole day while being united for life. Capturing these photographs is not easy, however, when it is done, you see a beautiful and unique result.

These photographs aim to immortalize the emotion of that day for the rest of your life; you can say that they are the only memory that is kept of this wonderful moment. For this reason, it is not a job that can be left to anyone but a professional.

However, something that has been gaining more importance lately in all areas arises from photography, and that is photojournalism. It consists of documenting through photographs some important events.

Wedding photojournalism is something that exists, and seeks to capture the sentimentality of the moment but from a different perspective than conventional photography. In this article we will talk a little more about this.

Best moments of wedding photojournalism

Wedding photojournalism is something that more and more couples are willing to experience on the day of their union. Not only because of the objective that wedding photojournalism has, but also because of the aesthetics that can be observed through the photos.

Normally, in wedding photojournalism, all photographs are black and white, which makes it a very sophisticated and beautiful style in the eyes of many who manage to appreciate it; becoming a different way to portray this wonderful moment.

In wedding photojournalism, we seek to portray a series of key or main events of this day; these events are the ones in which the different emotions come to the surface, which are usually the most special ones.

Below we will tell you what they are and what you can expect for your own wedding if you decide to document it through photojournalism.

The bride being made up

This photograph reflects the beginning of everything, not only the beginning of that wonderful day, but also the beginning of a new life. The bride’s makeup comes first, and from here you can notice her calm euphoria, which she tries to keep under control.

Putting on the wedding dress

The wedding dress when she wears it this day is not really trying it on for the first time, since when she bought it she measured it; however, the day of the wedding makes this forgotten and the bride feels that she is wearing it for the first time.

She prepares to show herself to the world with her design, but it is a very hard preparation, especially in the control of trying to keep everything perfect and tidy.

The bride’s father’s blessing

This moment is special because the bride remembers when her father blessed the couple on the day he proposed to his daughter. That day he finally sees his daughter ready to be given to another man and accepts that she has taken another step in her life.

On the other hand, she watches her father as he supports her so that her emotions are under control, since everything has really started.

The bride leaving her home

She knows that she is stepping into that place as a single woman for one last time, and that the next time she will be married. This moment is the very beginning of the wedding, as she begins to head towards her new destiny or life.

Accompanied by loved ones who have been with her for a long time, everyone shares the bride’s excitement that she will finally be joined by someone else.

The groom in his preparations

It is true that the bride’s preparations are more elaborate, however, the groom’s excitement and rage is not something that goes unnoticed. He knows that he is heading for a really decisive moment in his life, with his new partner.

The bride being helped by her sister

The sister of the bride has been a kind of accomplice for a long time, and at this moment it will not be different; because of this, she helps her sister with her dress to be given to the man who will accompany her for the rest of her life.

The first look of the bride and groom

This may be the most impressive moment in the couple’s expression, which can literally be seen on their faces. The groom is surprised by the beauty of his bride, being a mystery that had been eating him up for weeks, especially because of the dress.

Wearing the bride’s dress

After the groom’s first glimpse, she now only thinks about the rest of the guests seeing her to appreciate her work. Of course, the groom still admires his future wife, with whom he will ideally share the rest of his life.

Surreal photo of the couple during their photo shoot

Sometimes the most important moments of the wedding are those that reflect the emotion of the moment in simple details and unexpected photos; photographs where the bride and groom do not have to pose, a key event does not occur or they are distracted.

An original portrait of the bride and groom with the photographer

In this photograph, the couple are together, in their union. They share perhaps the most important moment of their lives with the rest of the guests, who are close and familiar.

However, a portrait of the two of them alone is something that should always be present in the photographic work, as it is in this case where the two are simply shining in their day, since it is their special moment that will be unforgettable for a lifetime.

Showing off the groom’s look

Most of the time, everyone always admires the bride, her dress, her makeup, the way she looks and so on, but few people notice the groom.

Although it is true that the groom’s arrangement is less elaborate than the bride’s, the truth is that one should not ignore her elegant dress.

The excitement during the wedding vows

The wedding vows are a turning point in the ceremony. Here both of them declare their words to their fiancés in front of all their guests, where they express their feelings and their commitment in the future for them.

Everyone is a witness to this moment and the emotion is shared between the guests and those who are joining in.

A kiss on leaving the church

After the whole ceremony, the kiss after church is the first kiss of the couple outside the temple where the union took place. You could say that it is the first official kiss of the spouses outside.

It is usually one of the most emotional moments of those mentioned here because everyone is witnessing the beginning of their journey together.

Releasing the Balloons on the Way Out of the Temple

Balloons are the way to tell the world that you are officially married. When they are released from the hands of their bearers, they go to heaven and announce to the world that the whole ceremony was a success.

The most beautiful thing of all is that the loved ones of the bride and groom are the ones who release these balloons, and it is not something where the bride and groom are the only protagonists.

The groom with his friends

Of course, you can’t miss the picture of the groom with his friends, who have a union with him. These friends have spent very important moments with the groom for many years; it can be said that they were his accomplices.

Because of this, they also couldn’t miss it, and taking a picture of the groom with the friends he loves the most is something to admire; it is also possible to mention that they are a kind of non-blood family, a family he chose.

A romantic kiss after the speech

The speeches are always very emotional and special for the bride and groom. They give them the opportunity to express their love again, but through words and not just actions. However, kisses can never be missing from the beginning to the end.

In this kiss, it is possible to see the tenderness they both express for each other, where they promise to take care of and protect each other.

Enjoying on the dance floor

The dance, the emotion, the fun and all the good things of euphoria cannot be missing in this wonderful moment. It is an event that lasts a long time and everyone has their moment to enjoy.

Dancing the different genres, the different themes like crazy time, also sharing and moving the body as it is not done in a long time. This photo reflects that this event is something that everyone enjoys and not just the bride and groom.

The most beautiful thing about this moment is that it is the one that lasts the longest because literally the whole night will always be enjoyed on the dance floor, dancing, laughing and sharing.

Drinking Tequila

Alcoholic beverages cannot be missing from these celebrations since there are always people who have a taste for them; tequila is one of the most popular drinks to celebrate the most important moments, and weddings cannot be missed.

The bride and groom and the guests celebrate their union through these shots, all with responsibility, of course; this is something that also represents fun, emotion, and even challenge and decision, as you can see in the same picture.

The Dead Man

This is a kind of dance that they perform for the bride and groom to celebrate that they have joined. It is just like when a team wins in some sport and they raise the champion players.

For this reason, the “muertito” is a kind of celebration to tell someone that they won, in this case, the bride and groom that they won their partner.

A memorable photo with Grandma

The grandparents of the bride and groom have a great feeling for their grandchildren, as they usually see them as children all their lives. When they see them get married, it is something amazing for them, as they can even make them remember when their children got married or themselves so many years ago.

In this photograph, the grandmother has been a particularly important support in the life of the bride, and so this moment cannot be missed.

Showing my mother-in-law who is in control now

Once both bride and groom are married and become spouses, the in-laws have much less control over the lives of their children or even sons-in-law. Both spouses are now independent, marrying to get away from their family and start building their lives.

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Dancing at the party

The most important last moment before the whole ceremony or celebration is over is the dance at the party. This is where the most important songs for the bride and groom are usually placed, and then danced to and shared with their guests.

Many songs even have memories with several of the guests as past experiences, so it is usual to dance with them and thus enjoy, laugh and commemorate this wonderful moment. Select your ideal wedding songs in advance and make this important event even more magical.

Finally, it is important to note that if you are thinking of getting married soon, and documenting your wedding through photojournalism, you should consider hiring a professional and experienced photographer, this guarantees a trouble-free experience to immortalize all your emotions.

Many underestimate the power of professional photographers and do not even have the mentality to invest in one, however, it is a big mistake, possibly the worst mistake of this event.

Every photographer has a different style to capture their photos, however, all agree that they are professionals in their field and it is an excellent option to hire one, especially for a special occasion like this where photojournalism would be made. Fill out the contact form and have the best photos of your life, hire our wedding photography services and make your day an unforgettable experience.

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