Wedding dresses in trend for 2021

The theme of weddings has been strongly vindicated with the Covid 19 pandemic. By 2021, a time of weddings is expected that was postponed due to this social crisis.

After months locked up in the houses, many brides have had enough time to see various wedding dresses that she would love to wear on her special day.


But if you’re one of the brides who doesn’t have a clear-cut idea of what kind of dress you’d like to wear, we’re here to help you, with a summary of the trends that will be the focus of attention next year.

From bold botanical prints to romantic sleeves and sexy party dresses, we have the latest fashion trends to take you down the bridal aisle. So if you’re about to start shopping, here are the wedding dress trends for 2021.

The flowers

Flowers give you power and elegance, we refer to subtle colors and pastels, avant-garde, 3D embroidery, these details add a whimsical style to any wedding dress silhouette and is an excellent choice for brides who love a natural and ethereal vibration.

This type of dress is particularly suitable for an outdoor wedding, but has been immersed in any type of wedding reception, and is versatile enough for the celebration of this great day.

Fabrics and handcrafted details

For this 2021 season, dresses made from artisan details and woven with traditional techniques will be the trend. We are referring to delicate “leavers” laces that were a trend in the 18th century. We also highlight pieces of rhinestones and crystals, such as various types of embroidery and hand-made designs.

These details give a great personality to the wedding dress, give a romantic, original and delicate essence to the piece with which the bride will feel beautiful on her special day.

Sleeves with volume

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Now the “bigger is better” mentality translates into wedding dresses with puffy sleeves as the primary focal point. We know that bulky sleeves can look very old school and old fashioned.

But we’re here to tell you that this style is no longer outdated because they’re officially back in style.

If you want to look stylish, a minimalist wedding dress in satin or crepe with a bold shoulder or oversleeve is refined, but with a touch of drama it will be ideal for you.


This typical trend is repeated for wedding dresses in 2021, and that is that the sensuality and elegance that gives this style to the silhouette of the bride is something that will never go out of fashion during this century.

Transparency is a clear trend in fashion right now. While pure lace styles and tulle layers are common in the wedding world, bridal designers offer more daring options with illusion wedding dresses.

You may think that a nude wedding dress could be unsophisticated. But in reality it is a magnificent and dramatic option if you adopt the look with well thought out silhouettes and design details.

Two pieces

Showing a small piece of skin while wearing your wedding separators is becoming a trend. When people think of two-piece wedding dresses, they often think of an exposed belly or a separate top – something modern and not traditional.

But just because the bride separates attire doesn’t mean it can’t be classic! Choose a simple, elegant skirt and combine it with an equally chic top for a timeless look that you can wear directly to the dance floor.


Plain dresses

The plain wedding dresses never go out of style, their simplicity always stands out among the best alternatives for brides to choose, and that is because this piece gives them beauty through the flatness of its lines.

Bare backs

The seduction and elegance of a back cleavage does not go out of fashion, and in 2021 this style of dress is again a trend in wedding celebrations.

A wedding dress with a back neckline indicates a sophisticated style and femininity. The type of neckline should vary according to the bride’s body type. If you have wide hips, it is recommended that you wear a bare back in a V-shape.

If you have wide shoulders, you should avoid back necklines that have thin straps, wide straps that cover most of the shoulders are the best option.

If you want to have this style in your wedding dress and you have long hair, it is recommended that you choose an updo where you can show off your sensual cleavage.

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