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Sesión de Pareja San Luis Potosí Gizehlle y Memo

Sesión de Pareja San Luis Potosí Gizehlle y Memo


The In-Between

I used to think new love was best;
when I courted with a passion
girls who played me hard-to-get.

I loved the fluttered passion
when my hand first lay on hers;
the fresh feel of a kiss newly stolen-
yes, that’s what my heart preferred.
Yet others say new love is fleeting
and can’t compare to old;
the sublime passion of an aged love
far better than a new love, brash and bold.

But no-one ever spoke about
poor Engagement’s merits;
that in-between new love and old
and every marriage has it.

It is a stage ignored too much
a step ‘tween love and marriage;
an awkward in-between time
through which couples have to manage.

I disagree:
It is a place no-one can touch
a place between the poles;
a place that is both brash and bold
and comfy, like a marriage old!

I used to think new love was best
while others liked a marriage bed.
Myself, in truth, I’ve come to marriage-
despite what my younger self has said.
But now, engaged, I love the love I feel
the in-between of comfort and a newer lover’s zeal!

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