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Real de Catorce San Luis Potosí Sesión Preboda Nuria y Carlos

Real de Catorce San Luis Potosí Sesión Preboda Nuria y Carlos

I have never been a man possessed
of patience- none at all.
Of anything I ever liked
I took it quickly, large or small.

I always thought my way was best
why wait, for what you want?
It’s best to hold your new desire,
and never let it taunt.

And so I, maybe foolishly,
believed my marriage thus;
I would propose, she would agree,
and we’d get married sans a fuss.

But no, not her- she wanted a
true wedding, with a long engagement.
I loved her, so I acquiesced
(though not too pleased with the arrangement).

At first I hemmed, at first I hawed,
at every turn I whined.
I wanted her, my one true love-
I wanted her to be mine.

But then I found, to my surprise-
I started to enjoy it.
So used to instant gratification
I never knew its opposite.

But now I see, with open eyes
engagement’s virtues true.
That fast assent, that quick elation,
that instant give to my temptations,
all paled to the true, true joy

I thought, at first, to do it
beneath a gorgeous waterfall;
but then I heard that that was done
by your older brother Paul.

For my next thought, I resolved
to have it at a local fair.
Alas, that one happened too:
to your younger sister Claire.

My next plan, I decided
on a sweet Valentine’s Day
proposal; much like, I sorely learned,
your oldest brother Clay.

And so that plan was quashed
and all my plans have come to naught-
a knack for clever wedding knots
runs in your family’s train of thought.

So here I am, not half as smart again
as those others who proposed.
I don’t have that certain marriage flair
you and your family might have hoped.