Let me introduce my friend Aryan Dariush, he is Glasgow wedding photographer and videographer passionate based in Dundee Scotland.

He began his photography journey at the age of 14 and have worked his way up by shooting events ranging from graduations, balls, weddings, and other specials occasions.

Through this journey he developed a passion for photography and filmmaking. He is the best using his camera to tell a visual story.

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Glasgow wedding photographer and videographer


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We will start the day early in the morning where I will take as many shots as I can of the bride and groom getting ready. During their preparations, I shoot in what is known as ‘reportage’ style i.e. images that tell a story. I will capture each moment as it happens in real time without any staging. This can be anything from the final touches of the bride’s hair and makeup to the groomsmen clinking glasses with the groom before his big moment. Ultimately, I will try to be as invisible as possible like a ‘silent observer’ with an aim to tell a genuine and authentic story through my images.

During the ceremony, I’ll aim to photograph as many natural shots as possible. This includes all the classic moments from the bride walking down the aisle to the ring exchange, vows and happy tears. I will be there solely to document key moments during the ceremony where every shot will be taken with subtlety and professionalism. I will be as unobtrusive as possible to ensure a truly natural story.

This is the exciting bit where I will take the couple to pre- planned locations within the venue to capture flawless shots of their special and intimate moments from holding hands to the loving gazes into each other’s eyes.


Next up, I’ll work with the couple and their family to capture the traditional wedding photos followed by shots of the wedding entourage and lastly of the guests so they can have a chance to shine with the couple. We will take various group shots, some serious ones, some fun ones and try any others that the couple choose to experiment with. Here is where I will create a comprehensive portfolio of the couple’s big day.


During the speeches, with my telephoto (zoom) lens, I will shoot from a distance and capture both the speaker and the audience without any disturbance. I will follow the couple into the setting where they will cut the cake, raise a toast and perform their first dance. Then there is time where the wedding entourage joins in and the party begins- here is where the crazy and fun begins and I’ll be there with my cameras capturing away.


As the day turns into night, depending on the weather conditions, I will sneak the couple out for one last photoshoot. If needed, I’ll set up my multi-flash system and pre-calibrate everything so we can do this in just a few minutes.


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