Getting married is a very important step in people’s lives, maybe the most important step in their personal lives.

Marriage vows are also a fundamental part of this event, and not always the bride and groom know how to express their love through them for the other person.

These vows are not easy to write, and many times (the great majority of times), the couple wants to express their love in the most unique and original way possible.

In this article we can give you some tips on how to create original wedding vows that could impress your partner.

  • How to create original wedding vows?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that no article on the internet will tell you exactly what to write in your wedding vows.

Everyone has experiences, styles, expressions and details that are unique to them.

For this reason, it is not something that is written in a manual; however, we can tell you some points that you should take into account in your wedding vows so that you can express them in your own style.

From here, you will be able to create your own version that will surely be enough to fill your partner with love.

  • Declare your love

You can start by expressing directly that you love your partner, but in your own way. The other person knows that you love them, however, repeating this expression is something that should be in your vows.

You can also choose to say a couple of things that make you love that person, such as something you admire, their qualities or something that inspires you.

They can be simple lines, but the important thing is that you put your own personal touch on it, that the other person knows that you wrote it yourself.

  • Express your love for that person

You may find this point very similar to the first one, but here in this part you focus more on the effect that person has on you. Express to them that this person makes you someone better in your own way and style, not so much expressing your love to them, but how you feel this person expresses his or her love to you.

This point is about making a reversal in effect but from your point of view of how you feel that other person in you in the relationship.


  • Promises

This is the moment of the vows that represents what you project for the future with your partner. It is about what you will do for your partner and how you will show him/her your love.

In an original way, in your own style, you will be able to express to her that you will take care of her, support her, give her time, and everything else you will do or want to do for her. You can also mix in your speech other details, such as words of encouragement or faith, or the witnesses of the wedding; the possibilities are many, really.

  • What you will do with your partner

This is a very emotional point in the vows because it is the project you want to do with your partner. Beyond the promises, it is about expressing the expectations you have, the desires or the goals you want to accomplish.

Of course, expressing it to your partner in a way that is unique between the two of you, as if you had a personal language, as well as personal goals of the two of you, wishes and dreams that you want to fulfill, or that you want to fulfill with your partner.

  • Promises of details

It’s not about the promises we told you you could make 2 points ago, but about moments where you will be for your partner, but small moments.

It’s vital to remember that details can make everything perfect, and that’s why it’s a good idea to tell your partner that you will be there for her even in the smallest moments, whether they are minor difficulties or minimal happiness.

It is good to keep in mind that you should not put everything as an instructive step by step, you should just try to be natural but mainly yourself.

You have to try to imagine your partner listening to what you say and smiling with dignity as if he were going to take a picture.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to hire a professional wedding photographer, who can immortalize this moment of the vows through his camera, and you’ll be able to see your partner’s expression many years later after saying them.

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