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Escolleras Playa Miramar Tampico Sesion Preboda Ara y Pepe

Escolleras Playa Miramar Tampico Sesion Preboda Ara y Pepe

Congratulations, we’re happy to say!
We always hoped things would turn out this way.
We can’t imagine a more perfect pair,
And a greater love, no two people share.

It’s clear to see you belong together
Through sunshine, rain, and all kinds of weather.
The rest of your lives are about to unfold,
A lifetime of love, to have and to hold.

It begins with a promise,
A promise to wed.
Two hearts will be united,
Two souls will be led,
Down the aisle together,
A sacred pledge to fulfill.
So congratulations on your engagement
And be happy; we know you will.

Looks like love has worked its magic.
For you two not to marry would be tragic.

Your engagement is a brilliant way
To declare your love will always stay.

Our hearts are filled with exaltations.
We just want to say congratulations!

An engagement is a
Very precious thing.
It starts with one question,
And is sealed with a ring.

The ring symbolizes a promise
To always cherish.
Two hearts bound together,
Love never to perish.

And this is the soul of
Our wishes for you.
Congratulations on your engagement,
And may your love always be true.

Congratulations  Dear Ara ( From here dad )

Daughter dear, our hearts are filled with joy,
We’re so happy you’ve found that one special boy.
Your engagement fills our hearts with pride,
And we can’t wait to see you become a bride.

As for your fiance, we love him too,
And we know he’ll be a good husband to you.
Your engagement will be blessed by God above,
You two will surely share a life filled with love.

Congratulations Pepe ( from his mom )

We love you son, and now
You’re bringing us a new daughter.
Words cannot express,
Just how happy we are you caught her.