Engagement is one of the sweetest times of any real relationship. It’s just about planning and creating the highest expectations about either your life married and about your wedding at the same time.

An Engagement session is several things at the same time. First, it is a portrait session of you and the person you are going to share your life with.

Secondly, it is also an excellent way to capture the most beautiful moments before your wedding. After that, you can see that sometimes you can use this session to get that beautiful photo that you will either print on your invitations or exhibit at your reception.

How do these sessions work?

First, you and the chosen photographer will talk about the place where you are going to take the engagement session. It’s not just about the site. It’s also about the time of the year, the expected weather, and the public. Sounds exciting, huh?

Then, you and your couple will walk along with the photographer. While they take different pictures of you, doing different poses and on various spots.

While taking the shots, most photographers like to allow the couple to be themselves. To show how you behave when spending time together.

They might give you a few instructions on how or when to come closer or act according to some specific ideas of their own.

All this has to happen because they want to unify artistic criteria, with 100% of your natural attitude.

That is how you get a picture that immortalizes an authentic moment of love.

How do you pick a place for your Engagement Session?

Every great photographer will tell you to choose a place that is significant to you. Somewhere you lived remarkable experiences, like that park where you first met or a beautiful city you want to travel together.

What about choosing somewhere you can get the best options to take the best engagement photography ever?

We want to talk to you about Mexico, a great place to go when looking for some of the best locations to take photos.

San Miguel Engagement Session

Why should I choose Mexico?

There are a lot of good options for your engagement session, but Mexico is a unique choice. Regarding costs, it is generally a very affordable option to stay since you can find beautiful hotels near to those locations you want to visit to try some photoshoot.

Thanks to the many activities it offers, you will definitely enjoy Mexico. Do you imagine engagement photography at a Maya emplacement? Those beautiful places are full of culture, magic, and history. Or what about some beautiful beaches at the Maya Riviera?

A Mexico Wedding Photographer

will know how to recognize the ideal setting for photos and will also know that this country has more to offer than just nature.

This beautiful and attractive nation has a few beautiful cities in which you can try taking photos either during the day or at nights, with a lot of artificial lights glowing on the nocturnal activities of those jungles of steel.

Whether you choose a nice beach or a historical place, you can be sure it will finish in having breathtaking images of you and your couple.

Fotógrafo de Bodas

Great photographers to work in Mexico

Is a country full of art, that’s true. According to these beautiful scenarios, you’ll find in Mexico, what could be better than finding yourself and your couple in a photo session with a Mexican pre-wedding photographer?

Do you picture an amazing scenario, the perfect weather, the perfect amount of lights (either natural or artificial)? Does not matter if this is done during the day or the night since Mexico has a lot of things to enjoy in both times of the day.

Besides, is the birthplace of some of the most awarded and famous engagement photographers, didn’t you know?

What should we wear for the Engagement Session in Mexico?

First of all, you both need to think about what kind of people you are. Regardless of the fact that Mexico offers a very pleasant climate practically throughout the year, your girl must choose if she is the type of woman with jeans and shoes or if you prefer to take photos with a cocktail dress while you must choose if you will go totally formal or not.

You can even wear a bathing suit if you wish. You’re taking the pictures on the beach, right?

Tips to have a perfect Engagement Session

1) Remember to wear something you feel completely comfortable with. If you choose something too tight or clingy, you will lose a lot of time just trying to cover it up. Not to mention how much stress for your couple and staff this will represent.

2) Try to get professional hair and makeup for your photoshoot

3) Enjoy Mexico, it is a paradise.

4) Schedule your engagement session weeks or months before the day. That will allow you to take care of every single detail about clothes, timing, and staff.

5) Of course, this is a big one. Never let the responsibility to an amateur photographer.

Book a renowned Mexico Wedding Photographer of known quality to get the best of this day.

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