Destination Wedding Elopement in Hawaii

With this year’s pandemic devastating weddings across the world, it’s the perfect time to leave worries behind, grab a couple of your closest relatives or friends, and elope. If you’re thinking about having a micro-wedding, Hawaii is a great destination option for your wedding. With stunning beaches, excellent weather year round, and some of the most dedicated wedding vendors in the world, there are so many resources for you to plan your dream destination wedding.

The first step in planning your wedding

The first step in planning your wedding is booking your photographer. Hiring a Hawaii wedding photographer means you have a pair of eyes and ears on the island, ready to help you plan your big day. They can help you find the best venue, planner, florist, and makeup artist. It’s hard enough planning a wedding from a distance but not having to do it alone is such a great help.

Photos are the most important part of the day

Photos are the most important part of the day. At the end of your wedding or elopement, they are the only tangible thing you’ll take away and the memories that will be passed on for generations. Once you have your photographer set, choose your budget and check out a resource guide for wedding planning to begin checking off the most important aspects one by one. You’ll find that once you have key vendors set, the rest will fall into place.

Hawaii wedding photographer Theel Wedding Productions

Hawaii wedding photographer Theel Wedding Productions captured a beautiful destination wedding in Oahu, Hawaii. This popular elopement spot is best known for its appearance in popular movies such as From Here to Eternity and 50 First Dates. Also known as ‘Eternity Beach’ it’s the perfect location for two people to express their vows to one another. Holana blowhole is such a fun choice if you like iconic and unique elopement locations.

Destination and micro-weddings are beautiful and Hawaii is a fantastic destination to choose.

As destination and Hawaii wedding photographers,

We couldn’t be more THRILLED that you’re here. We are so passionate about what we do and couples like you make that possible.

You’ll read so much more about us as  you go on, but just to introduce ourselves – I’m Ari and my husband’s name is Brody! While I’m the main photographer you’ll catch at every one of your shoots, I tend to bring him along quite often. It’s such a beautiful thing, working with the person you love, while capturing people who are madly in love. All this while being a Hawaii wedding photographer! Who could ask for more?

Do you love the wedding photographer’s work?

The absolute most important thing you will ask, is the question you should be asking yourself. Do I love the work I’ve seen by this wedding photographer? Is it a trend/fad and will my tastes change over time? Can I see this as a timeless style that I will love in ten years? Do I prefer light and airy or dark and moody photographers? Or neither! Really take a few days and browse through their online albums and Instagram posts and highlights.

If you’re having a hard time finding samples of their work, it is a red flag. It probably means they haven’t done much work and this is the first sign of a newer or amateur photographer. This isn’t to say that any new photographer is going to be a bad choice. But what if they do not have samples of their work and only provide “inspiration?” Then you are risking an equivalent of those Pinterest fails. What I expected vs. what I got.

Do you love the wedding photographer?

This goes beyond their work and really dives into their online persona. Do you like the way they speak in their website copy? Does it speak to you? If you and your significant other swear like a sailor and want someone you can banter back and forth with, does this seem like the rad photographer you’ll connect with? You may be needing someone professional and poised on your wedding day. You can tell a lot from someone from their website and social media. We recommend going through their pages as a couple. Then, decide if this is someone you’d choose to hang out with for a day.

Does the wedding photographer have good reviews?

It’s not necessary for a photographer to have thirty five star reviews. They should at least provide a place for couples to leave reviews so you can ensure there are no unexplained poor ones. Make sure they are open and transparent, and not in the business of hiding important information.

Or do you want to stretch the budget so they can be in it? We’ve had so many couples who base their entire wedding around the photographer of their dreams. If this is a priority for you, prioritize the wedding photographer first.