2021 Perfect Songs for your First Dance
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Whether it is for your first prom dance from high school, or your first dance with your beloved one, or perhaps our first dance after this troubling pandemic; 2022 is bringing great songs to join you and your dance moves for every occasion.

2021 Perfect Songs for your First Dance
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There are plenty of songs that sometimes seem to have been created for us and the moment when we are listening to it. Through time, music has been accompanying us in every special moment, in our darkest times, in our joyful moments and during our entire lives.

A song sets up the feeling for the mood of the moment, which is such an important deal, the success of a moment could actually depend on the music that is being played on the background. Songs are made to create memories, just like one specific smell might take you back to a special moment, a song can take you to a feeling.

2021 Perfect Songs for your First Dance
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Now, taking into account the amount of songs that are being released on the different music platforms and the variety of music genres and styles out there, here you have a selected list of new songs and top hits of 2022.

  • Song Hits for your first dance of 2022

A varied list, quite unexpected but do not rush, each song has its own purpose and intention for you to choose the one for the best occasion.

2021 Perfect Songs for your First Dance
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It is a slow and truly sad song. It talks about someone who is going through the sadness of a breakup and also to making front to the fact that they won’t be together anymore. You might be wondering, how can this possibly be a perfect song for a first dance?

Gorgeous bride and stylish groom dancing under golden confetti at wedding reception. Happy wedding couple performing first dance in restaurant. Romantic moments

Well, if you think about it, it could be a perfect song for you to have a first dance on your own on your bedroom. Or you could also dance to the sweet and melancholic rhythm of this song with your beloved one in your first romantic dance.

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                Silk City is a musical project build up by Mark Ronson and Diplo. Ellie Goulding has joined them on this new song with a Classic House style and a nineties feeling. The rhythm is exciting and is the kind of music that is usually played in parties as a mixer for people to continue dancing. The lyric of this song goes about a strong growing self-love.

                As this artist usually does, ‘’Save Your Tears’’ is a song with a unique rhythm, mixing old and new sounds to create a sensation and vibe that always corresponds to The Weeknd’s pieces. This is a song that can build the mood for a good party where a first dance can be started by you, showing your best dancing moves.


                An exciting and way unexpected featuring, Shakira and The Black Eyed Peas have created this melody together, honoring the beauty and rhythm of Latin people. This song has such joyful and exciting vibes that it is impossible not to dance at the rhythm of the music.

                What if your first dance comes with attractive moves just as the ones Shakira makes on the music video? Fun and joy are guaranteed for you and your friends if your get to play this song on a party.

                When thinking about how most of people around the world are not being able to go out dancing because of the current pandemic, Dua Lipa has been bringing club feels to our homes with her Future Nostalgia album. With a brand new perspective and 80’s vibes, Levitating was one of the first songs released, and she has made us all have our first dance at home during this difficult and strange time.

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